Liberals “Real” Solutions

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

Interviewer – Good morning, on today’s show we have a representative from the Liberal Party who promises to reveal his name closer to the election, but wishes to be known as Mr Pink, for this interview. Good morning, Mr Pink, and what’s in the Real Solutions Document.

Mr Pink – Good morning, well, Terry, real solutions. It’s quite straightforward.

Interviewer – And these are?

Mr Pink – Real solutions, that are fully costed.

Interviewer – Yes, but what ARE the real solutions.

Mr Pink – Fully costed. I just said. I think we should move on.

Interviewer – Ok, well, on the costings, who’s done the costings?

Mr Pink – Oh, we all have. Tony, Joe, Malcolm, Barnaby, that woman on the front bench, whatshername,  and then we asked the guy down the road to have a look at them too, and he said they looked fine.

Interviewer – Shouldn’t you…

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