Is Abbott losing it? And I don’t just mean the election…

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

“Four years and he’s finally woken up to the fact that the vast majority of these people are not fair dinkum refugees. They’re economic migrants pure and simple,” Mr Abbott said.

 The Australian. 2nd July, 2013

The quote above refers to Kevin Rudd. In the past few days, he and Bob Carr were being criticised for suggesting that some of our asylum seekers were “economic refugees” So,  when you’ve got Carr and Rudd needing to justify their position, what does Tony Abbott do? He makes an even more outrageous statement.

This is not about whether people are right or wrong – this is simply about the politics of it. “Some” is a lot easier to justify than “the vast majority”. If indeed it’s “the vast majority” why did the Howard Government approve over 90% of claims? Instead of saying nothing, and letting the heat be on the Government, Abbott wades in and tries to imply that they haven’t gone far enough. It’s fine to say that he’s appealing to the same voters who want him to turn back the boats, but I suspect that many of his colleagues will shift uneasily if an interviewer asks them if they agree with his assessment.

However, it’s not just hyperbole of his comment on asylum seekers that makes his comment strange – it’s the “four years” when refering to Rudd. It’s been close to six since Rudd was elected and three since he was removed. But it’s taken him “four years”? It may seem a minor point, but it does seem to indicate a lack of attention to detail.

Or does the four years refer to Abbott’s time as Opposition Leader. In other words, it’s taken him four years to realize that I was right. Prior to me becoming Opposition Leader, there was nothing; 2009 was sort of a Year Zero for the Coaltion.

Abbott has never performed well under pressure. His “That’s bullshit” to Nicola Roxon,  his response to the Channel 7 interviewer after his Afghanstan comments and his “No, I haven’t read it/of course I read it” Leigh Sales interview all suggest that his tendency to speak without thinking could be a liability to the Liberals in the coming weeks.

When the Poll showing the two party preferred had narrowed to a mere two percent, some of the media were inclined to dismiss this as part of the “honeymoon” period,  as though this couldn’t last more than a few days. There is still a tendency to treat this election as a foregone conclusion even though any objective analysis would tell you that it’s possible that Rudd’s “honeymoon” period could last for months, that a two percent gap in the polls is too close to call and that Abbott has the sort of personality that could lose him a lot of votes very quickly.

So I wonder whether we’ll start seeing a poll like the following in the mainstream media any time soon.

  1. we that all depends on uncle rupert and aunty gina.

  2. Im not a liberal supporter by any means, and i was a Gillard supporter, although i do see the sense in returning Rudd to leadership as the general bulk of the public i think had turned against Gillard, but i would never, NEVER vote for Abbott, but Malcolm Turnbull i would definitely vote for, if the libs released some policy detail and i was happy with it. Turnbull would make an excellent leader, and i think Wayne Swan could have been an effective elader of the Labour party as well

  3. Rob Luxford says:

    The only time I’d ever vote for Abbott is in the above poll. The only reason being that Malcolm would increase the chances of the LNP winning and after they way they have behaved over the last four years I could not in all consciousness provide them with a better chance of taking the prize.

  4. recalcitrantrick says:

    Rob Luxford… exactly why I voted for Abbott as well, although as far as Turnbull is concerned, I think he’s blotted his copybook badly with his support of the coalitions fraudband policy, It’s nonsense and he knows it. I mark him down considerably over that!

    • Pamela Rawlings says:

      I would never vote for any liberal leader but if we have to have one in I would be hoping that turnbull gets rid of Abbott. Although he too is a liar because as you say he is advocating a far inferior NBN and he does know really which one is best. Unless I am mistaken and he is stupid, I don’t think he is though Abbott put in because he thought he Mr Internet. He really has had no choice but to lie.

  5. David says:

    Rob Luxford has a point, indeed!

  6. David says:

    Rudds comment was ‘ “whole bunch of people” arriving by boat as economic migrants purporting to be refugees.’ reported here
    Carr’s exact words on Meet the Press on 9th June 2013 were “people are coming here, not now as a result of persecution but because they’re economic refugees who have paid money to
    people smugglers. There’s been a spike in people coming from Iran,
    for example none of them are claiming persecution. Its the economic pressure of the sanctions in
    Iran and the squeeze on living standards. People in these circumstances think if we give $10,000 to a people smuggler in a port in Indonesia, he will get us into Australian waters.
    That is the essence of this.”
    As usual Abbott twists and uses words to suit his hollow argument, however I wouldn’t expect the MSM to firstly, do any research as I have, or bother to question him on ‘his’ interpretation.
    He uses ‘never let the facts get in the way of a good story’ ad nausea

  7. I’m beginning to wonder if I should have included a third option to stop Abbott’s votes from being artificially inflated by people who vote for him because they think Turnbull has a better chance of winning. Perhaps I should have made the poll: Abbott, Turnbull or a potato.
    Mm, might not have made any difference when I think about it.

  8. I would have shifted my vote from Abbott to the potato.

  9. Turnbull would be a better leader of anything over Abbott, but I am not voting for a leader, I am voting for the parties policys, direction and vision… My direction and vision would never lean the way of the LNP no matter who bloody leads it… I loathe Rudd and cant believe people have turned back to Labor because of the leader – were they seriously going to vote LNP policy or radical Green policy because they didnt like Gillard? Gillard is twice the leader Rudd is! I will be voting ALP because of the Governments vision, policy and direction! Dont give to hoots who leads LNP!

  10. Sandra says:

    I actually voted for Abbott as well. Why would we want to choose between who is the best out of those 2 men (idiots). Rather see Abbott’s demeanor crumple when he looses. What a sight that will be. Fancy losing the election & his right to lead, both at the same time.
    Well, we can only hope that proper policies will defeat the lack of them.

  11. Col Thai says:

    Good day everyone… Ok I’m repeating myself again…. Abbott is I think , and all his cohorts are getting a wee bit nervous over Rudd being back in the chair , they were the ones mainly calling for Julia to go, I’m a big fan of Julia Gillard, she never stumbled in answering the Abbott in parliament, now I believe they have got Rudd in at the right time. The friends I have who were saying the prime minister Julia Gillard oh! She’s done this and done that are now responding to Rudd , because deep down they cannot stand Abbott, the people I’m talking about don’t really follow politics, but in their minds they watch the news and read the newspapers, and what have we had a storm of negative press against labor for the last few years. Ps just saw an ad for tonight on foxtel ” join us tonite RICHO and JONES” well that will be an intelligent news programme !!!!!!!, I would rather be watching Petticoat Junction !!!! . Thanking you……

  12. Geoffrey says:

    Rewarding Abbott with the Prime Ministership would be like rewarding a spoilt child throwing a tantrum with ice cream………. I WILL NOT DO THAT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
    Does he not see how self demeaning, petulant, and self obsessed he has been all this time? Is he not ashamed? How his wife and daughters must feel?

    • Pamela Rawlings says:

      I agree Geoffrey I have often wondered what his wife and daughters must have felt when he relentlessly attacked Julia. He is not ashamed because he has always turned it back on Julia or he has always got his cronies and media friends to do his dirty work for him.

  13. benda says:

    Idiots Turnbull can win we want the dickhead.Abbott.

  14. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

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  16. I voted Tony Abbott. As an ALP supporter I think he is more likely to ensure a Labor victory. Whether he is the best man to lead the Libs to the election… definitely not if I was a Lib voter! But I’m not, so please keep Tony as your leader, he will trip up and give some swingers a reason to vote Labor before the election day arrives. He is Labor’s greatest asset now! 😀

  17. Shevill Mathers says:

    Abbott is the worst asset the libs. can have, and, hopefully, keeping him as leader will allow the new Rudd government to take office with Kevin 2013 walking into the Lodge. I want to see Abbott cry real tears when this day comes. Abbott’s team of shouters have no policies to even consider voting for.

  18. Heather says:

    I also voted Abbott.Labour has a better chance with Abbott as leader.

  19. staffordhall says:

    I would definitely vote for the potatoe.

  20. Jay Buoy says:

    What is Mr Broadband doing.. hanging with a bunch of Fascist Catholic climate deniers….

    • Pamela Rawlings says:

      I have thought the same thing, he is the only half way decent man in the liberals. He has far more brains than the rest of his party put together. But I am still disappointed that he lies about the NBN . He knows that Labors NBN is far better than liberals. He is however a gentleman and I have wondered what he thinks about all the nastiness that his party has thrown at Julia. Even though I have not seen him involved in any of it, he is guilty by association and by saying nothing.

  21. […] Is Abbott losing it? And I don’t just mean the election…. […]

  22. Vicki says:

    Voted Abbott in your poll because I believe that with Turnbull as coalition leader they stand a better chance of getting in. With Abbott – no chance.

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