Bitter Preselection

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Apparently, the fact that more than one person wants to be Labor’s candidate in Julia Gillard’s old seat is front page news. Apparently, it’s unusual for Labor to have different factions pushing for pre-selection. It’s not? Is this one particularly bitter? Not at this point in time.

Ah well, I guess this just shows how bitterly divided Labor is. The Liberals and Nationals don’t have disputes about preselection. Well, they don’t make the front page, anyway.

This appeared in “The Australian” a few days ago, so I can’t accuse them of totally ignoring it:

“The Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Mallee in the north and west of Victoria is accused by party members of failing to properly enrol to vote and misleading electors in the preselection ballot. Chris Crewther, 29, is being accused of exploiting his heritage in the battle for the state’s biggest seat by claiming his electoral base as the Wimmera town of Horsham, 300km west of Melbourne.”

Apparently, the fact that the Nationals lodged a complaint about his eligibility to stand is less newsworthy than the normal machinations of the Labor Party. Of course, apart from this fight over preselection, it seems that candidates for the Liberal or Nationals are decided by consensus, the hand of God or some Divine Right. I don’t know. But we don’t seem to hear about them in the media.

No doubt, we’ll hear more about local branch members being dissatisfied with some “high flyer” being parachuted in to some seat or other. (One wonders why local branch members are rarely interviewed about society in general.) Or else, we’ll hear about the failure of the executive to get their candidate nominated. We’ll hear plenty about Labor’s processes.

But, I’m willing to bet, short of blood in party room, we’ll hear very little about the Liberal battles.

C’est la guerre.

And because I’m still waiting for the poll that asks if people think that Abbott should be replaced before the election, I’ve included my own.

  1. Bill Morris says:

    Well not the BEST asset but a pretty damned good one.

  2. Fed up says:

    Did not a Lib selection on the Central Coast lead to fisty cuffs and courts.

  3. Gospel according to Mark says:

    I’ve not seen anyone discuss as to why both Julia and Kevin wanted the Primeministership so much,at a time when every man and his dog were declaring the election would be a monumental rout! I think they both new that eventually the tide would turn if the media ever got around to looking at policy, or putting Tony in the spotlight.Unfortunately it seems the only trigger for that to happen was always going to be Julias demise!

    I am pretty sure that if there have been similar tappings on Malcolms shoulders, he’d be saying “I don’ think so. It’s going to be close, so I’ll wait and take it over if we sneek in, or wait until next time!”

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