Mr Fox wants you to vote for Mr Rabbit

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

fox and rabbit

INTERVIEWER Good morning, Mr Rabbit.

MR RABBIT Good morning.

INTERVIEWER For the past three years, the polls have had you as the one expected to take over the Farm, but with the recent change to Kevin Rooster, that’s no longer certain.

MR RABBIT Well, that’s for the animals to decide. I’d rather talk about my plans for the farm once we have the right sort of animals in charge again.

INTERVIEWER And what would those plans be?

MR RABBIT They’re all there in our booklet, “Real Solutions for Imaginary Problems”.

INTERVIEWER But could you outline a few of them? After that’s been one of the criticisms – that you refuse to talk about what you intend to do.

MR RABBIT That’s just more of the negativity coming from Mr Rooster. He was only elected because of the support of the headless hens, you know. Even his some of his own…

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