Car Leasing firm plans to sack half its workforce.

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok you catch up on the article here.

Am I missing something? Does this mean that half their workforce was working thanks to people rorting the system? Remember, this doesn’t stop people leasing a car – it’s only a crackdown on people leasing a car who aren’t using it for work purposes AT ALL. The Liberals claim that the Government have no way of estimating the savings from this decision, yet a leasing firm seems to know exactly how many people to sack.

Predictably, Hockey says that this will hit “everyday Australians”. For the Liberals, an “everyday Australian” is someone leasing a car, sending their child to a private school and earns more $150,000 a year.  Strangely though, after a make that comment, someone will accuse me of class warfare and “the politics of envy”.

How can I be envious of other everyday Australians, let alone launch class warfare against them?

  1. Fed up says:

    All this within hours.Amazing as the scheme is still in place. All that has occurred, that records of usage be kept for three months, in each five year period.

    One,it appears only has to download a app, that records the usage, and sends it to where the record is needed.

    Does not seem that big of impost. Also does not cover those that already involved, and I believe does not begin until next April.

    Why does a government have to discuss every action they take with business, After all they are elected to govern. This is a very small change indeed. One of process only.

  2. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a says:

    I blame the carbon tax !!!

  3. And the whining rorters (or potential rorters) pop up like mushrooms… 3 months in 5 years, pffft. Buy a pen and a log book people.

  4. Having been a user of company vehicles when I was a corporate employee for 33 years I can tell you that the system is rorted constantly. I have sent an email to this company asking the management and owners/directors to declare their membership of the LNP. …Don’t really expect an answer.

  5. Oh, just got an automated (I assume automated ) response saying they gauge their performance by “listerning” to their public…….yes that is their spelling of ‘listening’…says a lot really.

  6. kaliensta says:

    Agreed and confused. Why is this an issue if your not ripping off the system? Saw that guy on the telly telling us all his need to sack 50%!…Why? Because they now have to fill in a log book! Bit dodgy i reckon mate!

  7. mrharmony60 says:

    The Coalition are right to be outraged at these changes. As Aussies, it’s our god given right to claim a hefty tax deduction without providing any supporting documentation. In fact, the Coalition need to take it further, we oughta get rid of all that job killing “red tape” over at the ATO. Just like the current arrangement for cars, we could just nominate our income with no proof. If the car industry is going to be decimated because of tightening the FBT, imagine the stimulus to the economy if we loosened regulation around income tax. The Coalition, always going in to bat for your ordinary everyday Aussie scammer 🙂

  8. Interesting that people will be sacked immediately for a change that doesn’t come in until next year – are they conceding that the Coalition won’t will the election?

  9. Fed up says:

    Yes, Ross, can one believe anyting that comes put of the mouth of employers. Heard them say this morning,

    Heard them say, it is back dated. Pure lie, as it does not begin until next April. Present users npt affected.

    The only thing that has changed, is that one has to prove the car is used for work. Even then, the proof required is a three month period, in a time frame of five years.

    I worked for Doc’s and seem to remember being offer a deal, which we all rejected, if my memory serves me right. The car had to be put in the pool each day, for general used. Problem was, that one done mostly field work, which meant one did not know when one returned to the office. I suspect the car would not have been there most times, when home time come.

    I do not know what happened aftwer that time. I have a S-I-L, on high salary, working for Catholic Education, whose car is fianance that way. Just a way of lowering ones taxes. Agree with Bowen, why should some get tax breaks, when those who are satisfied with a second hand car get nothing.

    Who really benefits, the worker, or employer, who get to pay lower wages, at the tax payer expense.

  10. Glenn says:

    Really people wake up this is just another Abbott ( intellectual fuckwit ) fear mongering, so what the taxpayer should do is allow $1.8 billion dollars to be rorted by the high wage earner`s and big rich company`s.

  11. jane says:

    3 months in 5 years? Doesn’t sound too arduous to me, Why do these people think they shouldn’t have to provide proof that the vehicle they are claiming for is used for work?

    They have to provide proof of income if they want a mortgage, proof of identity if they want a passport, why not proof of use if you want the deduction?

  12. PeterF says:

    The responses from Hockey and Abbott show that either they don’t understand this or they are lying: are they hypocritical or just plain stupid. ( a bit difficult to determine)

    Are we to believe that they are happy to allow this program to be rorted to the tune of $1.8B

  13. Fed up says:

    Well Hockey asked for proof that the scheme is being rorted, the reaction of those who sell the cars is enough. Another firm f two hundred workers are say, they have to sack half their staff.

    Nothing about the FBT has been changed. All is ask, that records be kept for three months out of every five years, to prove the car is being used in the business.

    If there is no rorting, the changes will affect no one.

  14. Fed up says:

    Wonder how many more rorts are to be found. The Gillard budgetted for five hundred extra workers in the taxation department. This at a time, when there is PS cut back.

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