Kool Mints, Kennett and Kevin

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Jeff Kennett; Tony Abbott. I don’t know if anyone else is thinking the same thing here, and I realise that people who don’t come from Victoria are probably thinking Jeff Who by now. But it was when I read somewhere today about Abbott being the “most successful Opposition Leader in the last forty years” I was reminded about how people used to tell me what a smart political operator  Kennett was. “He’s only won two elections,” I’d argue, “and lost two. And one of the wins was when everyone conceded that he’d win because Labor had no hope.” Ah, but he’ll win the next one, because he’s so canny I was told. Somehow, this “genius” lost the next election and ended with more election losses as Leader than wins. Jeff was abrasive and had a take no prisoners approach to political debate – much like Abbott. And some of the things he said were just plain wrong!

As Abbott moves toward his showdown with Rudd, I can’t help but wonder at how people will end up voting. It’s close at the moment, but – I say this more as an observer than someone cheering Rudd on – that I suspect that when it comes to mind games, Rudd is tap-dancing on Tony’s hippocampus. Will Rudd lose more votes with his presidential style than Abbott loses with his capacity to say something that worries almost everyone?

Tony’s been on election footing for years. And we’ve had suggestions that Labor will go earlier than Gillard’s Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement – not a good day for an election!) date. But still no election. Of course, now nearly everyone concedes that Rudd will go to G20, which suggests that it won’t happen till October. Or does it? Is there still time for Turnbull to make a move? Could Rudd fool everyone and go in September still? What do you think, Mr Abbott? Oh, that he should call the election now? And you’ll see us in The Lodge for Christmas drinks? BTW, why are we building so much infrastructure in Nauru when the boats are going to be towed back? Oh, not all of them, but that doesn’t matter – you’re going to stop them. Oh, not straight away.

And the Government will take 80 years to roll out the NBN in Tasmania? Really. You expect this government to be there in 80 years? What, you expect to be the government? Then surely it won’t take 80 years! Surely, Turnbull – the man who “practically invented the Internet in Australia” should be able to move a bit faster than that.

Jeff Kennett recently said: “If you have had a couple of drinks and you want to absorb the alcohol quickly, Kool Mints will do it.” Who wants to bet that Abbott says something even more foolish in the next few weeks?

  1. iggy648 says:

    See if you can find the reference to Tony Abbott being a successful opposition leader. I’m curious to know who said it! Despite being in a “hung” parliament, and having massive bias in his favour from the media, he couldn’t stop the passage of hundred’s of pieces of legislation, and couldn’t oust a mere girl! And he’s the least popular of all the (potential) contenders for the next PM! See if you can also find out what the criteria were for claiming him to be successful if you can!

  2. “Tony Abbott is the most successful Opposition leader of the last forty years, but he has never been popular. Now Australians want to know: what kind of man is he, and how would he perform as prime minister?” Sorry, not ever – just the last forty years. Mea Culpa


  3. Col Thai says:

    You bring back memories for me when mentioning Kennett, when his last election he contended he was “OVER THE LINE” as they say. And we all know what happened !!!!! The similarities are similar to Abbott and his quest for the title, I just hope history repeats itself….. Ps talking about similarities, they both have two “TTs at the end of their names…… Thanking you…..

    • Actually, more similarities than the TT. There was also the question of negotiating with the Independents. Both had a chance to become leader but failed to gain the support of two people who were conservative politically, but found Labor a better alternative for Government.

      • diannaart says:

        People who believe they are born to rule tend not to be great negotiators, for some reason…

  4. Evan says:

    I was no longer living in Victoria at the time but I do remember Victorians saying that things had been Jeffed to explain all the things that were wrong with the state at the time.

  5. V. Hunter says:

    I am wearying of the ‘one-upmanship’ going on with the two main political parties (as if refugees were sacks of potatoes). Their policies seem similar, apart from the unbelievable ‘military’ Coalition plan and insistence of ‘turning back the boats’!

    I am not a glassy-eyed ‘greenie’ and know it is a tragic business all round.
    As written in The Australian: ‘IT’S pretty obvious that the public would like to see our main party leaders come together to find a compromise solution to the refugee impasse following the recent tragedies at sea…’ The trouble is we don’t get a say, until election day; we wake each day to MSM screeching the latest new upping of the ante.

    Was reminded of how my Mother used to say ( when 3 brothers were fighting): ‘I will knock your heads together then make you sit down facing each other till you sort your arguments out!’

    Surely a sign of maturity though if they could compromise with each other…probably too late (though Julia did say she tried last year I remember). Guess it’s all about winning votes only now.
    Abbott and Morrison need to be kept from Champagne in the Lodge though!

    Not a good ‘look’ overseas as I listen to BBC.

  6. doctorrob54 says:

    Abbott has two chances of winning the next election,Bucklys and none.I’ll bet on that.

  7. Oscar says:

    There were numerous MSM articles that referred to Tony as the ‘most successful Opp Leader in decades” but who wants to delve into the dark pit of Fairfax & News Ltd to source them?
    I always thought it was tempting fate just as it was for the LNP to campaign on decimating Julia Gillard while a popular alternative waited in the wings.
    Don’t blame Tony, blame the LNP strategists who need to be sent to the dole queue.

  8. Ricky Pann says:

    Maybe Phoney Tony has been inserting the cool mints in the wrong end that would explain all those strange expressions

  9. Heather says:

    So glad that Abbott is known as a very successful Opposition Leader, so because of that let him continue to be a very successful Opposition Leader. Anything but PM.

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