Will Lord VoltAbbort succeed? An Exciting New Book “Kevvy Rudder becomes the Phoenix.”

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Kevvy Becomes a Phoenix by JK Mauling

Can Kevvy defeat Lord VoltAbbort?

An exciting new addition to the very popular Kevvy Rudder series which many thought was finished in 2010. Some have cynically suggested that the only reason for this latest book was the author’s dire situation, but whatever, it’s still a cracking read!

Synopsis – Just when it looked inevitable that Lord VolteAbbort would become Head Wizard, because of Hermionia’s unpopularity, Kevvy is surprisingly drafted at the last minute into the TriWizard Tournament, where he must defeat two opponents Lord VoltAbbort and Snupert Murdoch.

The TriWard Tournament is conducted every three years and contestants must perform various tasks of magical complexity. For example, there’s the “Invisible Backflip” and the “Justifying the Ridiculous”.

Kevvy’s task has been made more difficult by Snupert’s insistence that a new event, “Ignore the facts and blame Kevvy’s house for everything” be included, replacing the old…

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