Politics is even more boring than I thought! (I just watched the debate…)

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

The trouble with the debate – and politics in general – is that people were asked complicated questions, and the “winner” was person who could come up with the most CONVINCING answer in a couple minutes. We’ve gone from “Interest Rates will always be lower under a Coalition Government” to “The Budget bottom line will always be better under a Coalition Government”. No facts or figures, no evidence, just an quick, slick statement.

Still it’s a little longer than the normal three word statement. Abbott was wooden and Rudd came across as a man who was about as interesting as your accountant explaining the joys of double entry bookkeeping. Every now and then, Abbott would smirk as though he remembered what his coach told him about not using this gesture or remembering to look at the camera. So, who won? And in terms of it, who cares?

Yes, yes, I’m…

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