Tony, Tony, Tony

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Politics, society, Uncategorized

“I might as well be open and up front with people,” Mr Abbott said in Melbourne.

“I support the existing definition, while my sister Chris has argued with me until she’s blue in the face – and in fact she’ll continue to argue with me on this,” he said.

Mr Abbott said he prided himself on being consistent and would remain consistent in his opposition to changing the Marriage Act.


Tony Abbott’s sister has revealed that the Opposition Leader felt “conflicted” about voting against marriage equality in Parliament last year.

Speaking on the ABC’s triple j Hack program, Christine Forster, who is gay, said her brother’s view that marriage is only between a man and a woman is slowly “shifting”.

“There’s been a significant shift in how he approaches this whole question,” she said.

“He said it after the last vote in Parliament last year, that he felt conflicted about voting against marriage equality.

“That doesn’t sound like much, but it really is a significant shift for a man who all of his adult life has not even questioned his opposition to reforming the marriage act to have it also cover same-sex couples.

“Almost every time it comes up, with him you see slight, very small shifts”


This, of course, on the same day. So, congratulations, Christine. I guess you realise that you shouldn’t actually jeopardise your brother’s chance to be PM. He felt “conflicted”.

Excellent! But why does he pride himself on being consistent? Still, I guess it’s ok. The fact that he still speaks to a sinner like you should fill you with gratitude.


  1. Peter May says:

    Are gay couples who are denied the right to marriage equality supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy about Tony’s “slowly shifting” opinion on our rights? Really? This scrap of nothing is a sad attempt at making him appear to be on the fence with this issue as a potential vote incentive.

  2. Fed up says:

    One could explain the inability to change ones mind when presented with good reason to, could be seen as being being stubborn and having a closed mind.

    Like saying that the shadow front bench is stable, because most served in the Howard government, before 2007. That to me is just stupidity. To be in denial and believe that nothing has changed in that time, is just ridiculous. Nothing to do with stability.

    If circumstances change, most change their mind and opinions

    That is how one learns and grows.

    Yes, there has been many changes in the Labor team, mostly due to the change in leaders. Yes, there are many good people now on that back bench. Saying that, the new team has moved in, and the government has moved forwarded without a hitch.

    Cannot see such a thing happening on the shadow bench., There does not appear to be the depth of talent for that to occur.

    I could understand Abbott’s thinking, keeping the team, if they showed exceptional ability. That is not so, by a long shot. Many are simply incompetent.

  3. silkworm says:

    She’s lying. First she says significant shift, then she says very slight shift. I can’t stand gays (or non-gays for that matter) who advocate for marriage equality and then go and vote for Tony. They are traitors to themselves and the community.

  4. Peter May says:

    To add further insult this view on how Tony’s learning not to gag everytime gay is mentioned is not from him but from his sister! Who the f%*k cares what his sister thinks. Using her as a mouth piece is truly pathetic.

  5. iggy648 says:

    A slight shift can be significant for a bigot.

  6. Cassa says:

    That he would deny his sister the same rights he has says an awful lot about him and the influence his religion has on him!

  7. Bec Brown says:

    In an interview on Wednesday morning, Mr Abbott appeared to dismiss same-sex marriage as “the fashion of the moment”.
    Speaking with talkback radio host John Laws, Mr Abbott said he supported the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman but added his family was “a little divided on this”.
    “I know where I stand on this. I respect the views of people who disagree with me but I respectfully disagree with them,” he said.

    Read more:

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