Blue is For Boys, Pink is for… Prisoners? Is the Queensland Government on to something or just on something?

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

Now the Queensland Government’s suggestion about prisoners wearing pink is interesting on a number of levels. First let’s look at how “The Courier Mail” reported this:

“TOUGH-GUY criminals face the ultimate humiliation as the State Government looks to put them in prison-issue pink jumpsuits.

Police and Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey is considering a plan to force jailed members of gangs to wear fluoro pink prison uniforms.”

Greg Stolz From: The Courier-Mail October 21, 2013

This then, is part of the “get tough on crime” agenda. It’s proposed that a “bikie gangs only” prison, where among other things they’d be only be allowed out of their cells for one hour a day and outside visits would be limited to once a week.

Wearing pink is seen as “the ultimate humiliation” and a punishment. (The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has just had a major setback here!)

The idea of forcing…

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