Why Russell Brand Sux, and why I spelled it “sux”!

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Ok, I guess I have a soft spot for the angry revolutionary. Bob Dylan made a lot of good points in his youth. Although one of my enduring memories was Dylan at the Live-Aid concert in the 80’s saying that maybe we could just take a million or so and give it to the American farmers. Yep, I thought, maybe you could just take a million or so and add it to the total to do just that. Or maybe you should have organised a concert for the farmers before we even began to help Africa.

Of course, relative deprivation is a real thing and farmers in the USA killing themselves because their farms are failing is just as tragic as people starving to death in Africa. It’s all to do with systems that fail to allow people to do what they can in order to survive.

I reposted the…

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