Now I’m Calling on All the Good Catholics – I know that they’re must be some.

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

“Thankfully, Australia has emerged from its inauspicious colonial beginnings to become a proud nation, a nation that overcame those primeval prejudices. We have a perfect example: Many of you will remember a day when a Catholic was rare in a Liberal Cabinet.

Those days are now behind us. And Prime Minister Tony Abbott is part of the proof.”

Rupert Murdoch’s Speech to the Lowy Institute.

31st October, 2013

It is time for leaders among the Muslim faithful to step forward and condemn the violence. It would be totally appropriate and appreciated by the world to see a massive show of condemnation of this violence. A symbolic way to show it would be a million Muslim march on Washington DC…

Tea Party Cheer 

“During a retrospective of Serrano’s work at the NGV in 1997, the then Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, George Pell, sought an injunction  to restrain the National Gallery of Victoria from publicly displaying…

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