The Labor Party Should Be Charged For The Cost of Printing Abbott’s First 100 Days Booklet!

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

Labor wastes money! We know this. Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and company have been banging on about Labor wasting money for years.

And today, Joe Hockey will tell us that the budget has blown out from the $30 billion estimated during the election campaign to a whopping $50 billion. That’s, of course, all down to Labor. Well may not,  the $8 billion that the Coalition gave to the Reserve Bank. I suspect that won’t come up in the Press Conference.

“It’s blown out by a further $20 billion!” announces Hockey

So the obvious question is: “But isn’t more than half that, the money you gave to the Reserve Bank and the billions of dollars of tax revenue which you’ve decided not to go ahead with?”

Unfortunately, I doubt that one will be asked. I doubt that the press will even ask – if saving money is such a priority –…

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