Let’s Save a Bucketload and Just Abolish Secondary Schools!

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network


“We need only to think of many of Australia’s best and brightest, or indeed the great poets, artists, scientists and orators of the 20th century, to realise that a blackboard and chalk, a pen and paper, a few good books and some learned teachers sufficed. Indeed, in the case of my own parents – both baby boomers and both competent users of English and proficient mathematicians – the absence of open-plan learning, iPads and interactive whiteboards in their classrooms does not seem to have been too detrimental.”
The Age “Splashing cash won’t fix Australia’s broken education system”


A few weeks ago, “The Age” had an opinion piece from a young teacher who complained about ICT being a distraction. (My immediate thought was that it sounded like he was having trouble with classroom management and if his kids weren’t using computers, he may have been complaining about the paper planes…

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  1. Edumak8 says:

    Don’t just think there’s something fishy about 2 articles bagging school funding…am making a giant leap (small hop?) after looking at web info for Johanna O’Farrell. Check out listing: http://jp2alf.org.au/speakers/ Religion has to claim likely link between her, Pyne & possibly Abbott. I don’t believe in such coincidences. Would a search re the young author of the other IT article reveal similar background I wonder? Interesting article is in Fairfax press, but Gina IS member of IPA too. Their agenda does not include inclusive education funded on needs basis…

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