ABC – its size threatens democracy according to Bolt, who frequently argues that size doesn’t matter!

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

Quixote x jp

From Blot on The Landscape’s Blog:

“The ABC would be very, very stupid to take this as a comfort rather than a threat:

TONY Abbott has cast doubt on whether an independent inquiry could finish the debate over bias at the ABC, predicting the broadcaster’s “political correctness” would always make him want to occasionally “throw something at the television set”.

Amid debate about the ABC’s reporting of abuse allegations against the navy, the Prime Minister yesterday declined to support Defence Minister David Johnston’s call for an inquiry into editorial standards.’

ABC apologists will say good, no inquiry.

In fact, Abbott has concluded what I reluctantly have, too: that the ABC simply can’t and won’t redress its ingrained Leftist bias. That leaves conservatives with two options: to simply accept that a massive state-funded media will campaign forever for the Left in breach of its charter, or to cut the…

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