“Who’da Predicted That, Eh?” – Federal Government Response to Victoria.

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network


Prime Minister Tiny Habit has indicated his government will provide some assistance to Victoria because of concern about significant job losses.

Mr Habit met with Victorian Premier Denis Naptime on Wednesday morning in Melbourne where they discussed the very real possibilty that the recent announced closures of Holden, Toyota and Alcoa could lead to significant job losses. In particular, Naptime was worried about his own job.

“We thought that the very least Mr Habit could do was fly down for a photo opportunity,” said a spokesman for Dr Naptime, “but we were absolutely delighted when he announced that there’d be a report into the Victorian economy going to the Prime Minister in ten days time.”

”So early in March we will have some announcements to make and then in the build up to the budget there will be further announcements to make,” Mr Habit said. “In particular, I’ll be announcing…

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