It seems that some in the Labor Party are talking to the ABC.. But I have my sources too!

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network


“It is understood Mr Shorten made it clear to Senator Conroy the military commander deserves respect, but did not demand he apologise.

The ABC has been told this has surprised and disappointed several Labor MPs, with one saying the party should not defend the indefensible.”

ABC, February 26th 2014.

Well, here we go again!

I acknowledge that there are times when it’s legitimate to report what anonymous sources are saying. When the source is a whistleblower who is risking their job or their life to put the information on the public record, then there’s a reason for keeping their identity hidden. To report anything an unnamed member of Parliament said is not news, it’s gossip. Was it on the record? Why no names? Was it off the record? Why publish?

One could argue that the Labor MPs could be risking their job, I suppose. But one could also argue that…

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