My Country! A poem for our time…

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network


I love a sunburnt country

A land of dames and knights,

Of rugged radio shock jocks

Who tell us of our rights.

I love her racist free speech

Now we have no 18C

Her bigots do have rights, you know,

The great white land for me.

I love our English PM 

Who tells us what to think

On tax and debt and Labor 

And how his doesn’t stink!

Our trees are made for chopping 

Our seas are made quite deep

Just because there’s dumping – 

No reason to lose sleep!

A resource rich mine country, 

Which makes our country grand

All you who would now tax this, 

You will not understand 

Though our Earth holds many minerals

And there’s oil in our seas

Unless we own a company,

We have no right to these!

Core of my heart, my country! 

No Holdens, Ansett, Ford,  

When companies die on Liberals…

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