Abbles Flies Undone!

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Chapter 1

One fine late March day, in the desolate land of Australia, a young Liberal officer in the distinctive Speedo uniform of all men whose chests are worthy of sticking out, wandered out of the surf. He waved to young Pynie, who quickly brought his towel across.

“Good swim, PM?” asked Pynie handing him his towel.

“Mm,” replied Abbles, his mind clearly on more important matters.

“I don’t mind holding your towel,” said Pynie, “but some of the other chaps are saying that I’m only being asked to do this as punishment for the way I handled the Gonski announcement.”

“You shouldn’t listen to what the other chaps say, Pynie,” said Abbles. “Now, on all fours so I can dry my feet.”

Pynie quickly complied, happy that he wasn’t being treated like this as punishment.

“I say,” said Pynie.

“I really wish you wouldn’t,” interrupted Abbles.

“Rightio,” said Pynie.


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