Abbott hasn’t Broken Any Promises!

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

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There’s a site that that’s tallying up a list of so-called Liberal “broken promises”. Rather unfairly, it lists Joe Hockey’s promise to have a surplus in his first budget, because every knows that he didn’t mean that one. And anyway, he took it back before the election. He clarified his position and only promised a surplus when the revenue exceeded the expenditure. But he assured us that while it wouldn’t happen overnight, it would happen.

Now I don’t want to confuse things here, but wasn’t it early in its term that  the Howard Government stopped the Superannuation Guarantee going from 9% to 12% as Keating had intended.

The reason? We couldn’t afford it.

A three percent difference may not seem like that much, but over twenty five years or more, it’d add quite a tidy sum onto one’s super. Keating’s intention was to reduce future reliance on the pension for…

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