Two sides – The Right And If You’re Left, You’re A Pest.

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

march in march

This morning “The Herald-Sun” continued its campaign against any form of protest with its front page devoted to calling the Occupy Melbourne movement “Selfish Pests”, while Andrew Bolt suggests that the students on Q & A were “thugs” destroying free speech by excercising their own. Ah where were they when the Convoy of No Consequence was attempting to deliberately trying to shut down Canberra. (I know, who’d notice, eh?)

Their front page story was an “Exclusive” obtained under Freedom of Information. Mm, Perhaps, they’re right and only the Murdoch Media can access things under FOI legislation. (I won’t mention any access to Andrew Wilkie and Andrew Bolt at this point.)

So one of the people named in the article has sent this to champions of free speech:

“Here is the statement that I sent to the press in response to today’s article:

The savage reaction to the occupy movement demonstrated…

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