To Take Your Mind of The Budget – Thrown Off Games, My Plan for Australia.

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Someone I once worked with said that everyone had at least one good idea in their life that could lead to fame, fortune or both – the trick was knowing which one it was. I, of course, told him that all my ideas were good. The only problem I had was convincing others of how brilliant all my ideas were before I lost interest in them.

Well, while listening to a discussion about the whole Republican versus Monarchist debate, I had one of my best ideas yet. One – I was sure – that I’d have no trouble getting support for. I can’t remember the exact conversation between the two talkback guests but it went something like this:

“But we want an Australian head of state!”

“Surely you don’t want someone that the politicians would appoint. And electing a President would be so divisive. We’re better off with our current…

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