Abbott denies that the Pope is a Catholic ; says that bears use rest rooms!

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Australian Independent Media Network

Interviewer – Good afternoon, we were promised an interview with the Prime Minister, Mr Abbott, but unfortunately he’s had to cancel. In his place a spokesman, Polly Gist will be answering the question that we were intending to put to the PM.

Gist – Excuse me, but I don’t think that you can say that you were “promised” an interview by the Prime Minister.

Interviewer – No, we actually said “with” not “by”. We didn’t actually speak to Mr Abbott.

Gist – Because it’s important that the public isn’t misled about the actual situation. Mr Abbott is an extremely busy man and he wouldn’t go around promising interviews. He has more important things to do.

Interviewer – Such as fixing the Budget?

Gist – Yes, that’s his number one priority.

Interviewer – So about the broken promises in the Budget…

Gist – Let me just stop you there. What broken…

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