Abbott has Many Good Qualities… Just Ask Him. Or Megan Saker

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

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“This is a watershed moment, when a bold new government does what has to be done to set the nation on a better course.” Tony Abbott.

Say what you like about Tony Abbott, he doesn’t lack confidence. But then, neither do problem gamblers who lose the rent betting on “certainties”. For the past few years, he’s been telling us how much better his government was going to be. How much more honest. How much more competent. He told us that he could lower taxes without cutting spending and still reduce the deficit. And, when those nasty scaremongers suggested things like the Liberals would want to raise the GST, he insisted that it wasn’t necessary, because, once he was PM, everything would fine and we’d have a strong economy once more. (Of course, there is no way the GST could ever be raised. I remember being assured of this by John…

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