At Least We’re Not The Gillard Government, Says Abbott As The Liberals Admit That He Lies

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ok, if you hit this web address (at least I think it’s a web address, it could be a web site or possibly an envelope) then it takes you straight to the Liberal Party website. (Cut and paste it if you think I’m playing with the link!)

So which smart lefty thought of doing that? Well, actually it was the Liberal Party themselves. Apparently someone thought they could beat Labor to the punch by registering the name, then redirecting traffic to… well, one could say the actual lies.

Now if that’s not a spectacular admission, I don’t know what is!

“Tony Abbott’s lies are up in lights for everyone to see at,’’ Mr Shorten said.

I guess this means Senator Brandis, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews don’t qualify for the most spectacular stuff up of the week.

Kevin Andrews – for those of you who missed it – had to clear up a memorandum issued with his authority, which said that the following would not be considered gainful work when considering reduced waiting periods for unemployment benefits: ‘domestic or gardening tasks” at the applicant’s house of that of a family member, work ”for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office” and work that involves nudity or is in the sex industry.

Mr Andrews has since clarified that people doing live modelling for artists would be considered to be working even though they were sitting perfectly still.

Similarly, those working in the sex industry will be considered to be in “gainfully work”. Of course, one wonders why it would have been excluded in the first place. Was it that Kevin Andrews thought that sex was too much fun to be considered work? (Highly improbable). Or was it that he felt that people doing work of which he disapproves should be punished. (Possible, but then the list would have been much longer!)

Whatever the reason, people can rest easy. Those forced into sex work because of the Abbott Government’s six month waiting period can breath a sigh of relief knowing that they’ll be treated just like everyone else.

Yep, you can’t say that this government isn’t fair.

Particularly on social media if you’re a public servant. They’ve forbidden it!


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