The First 100 Days of Abbott Government (I’m a little early)!

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Politics, Uncategorized

I actually wish I’d voted Liberal! No, really. It would have been nice when someone abuses me as a “commo” or “Labor stooge” to be able to say, “Well, I actually voted for Tony Abbott and I’m very disappointed!” And it woud be one vote that I’d be sure he isn’t getting next time.

As for being a Labor stooge, well, Labor have disappointed me at times, and, at times, I’ve started to wonder if they’re just as bad as the Liberals. And that’s usually how I judge the likelihood of them losing an election. When I start wondering that, I suspect there’s a lot of people wondering the same thing. A number of “left-leaning” people start saying that a Liberal Government would be no worse. Then a Liberal Government IS voted in, and they all go: “Ah, now we remember why we voted Labor at the previous election.”

I found myself thinking in the first week of Abbott, that I was surprised at the lack of gloating. Even the Murdoch Press were more restrained than I expected in their triumphalism. I thought maybe the Liberals approval rating will actually go up, rather than dive after the expected cuts, broken promises and backflips.

But then came the second week.

We’ve had talk of the need for stimulatory spending in the budget, rather than the need to get things “under control” (crisis, what crisis?).

We no longer have a Minister for Science, among other things. The Government start to shut down everything that Labor set up to deal with climate change, in one case, without the proper legislation. Scientific matters are to be dealt with by Industry. Or a council of elder tribesman, including the witch doctor. The final decision hasn’t been made.

You got sick of hearing about boats arriving, well, the Liberals have put a stop to that = the information is no longer available. Of course, this may make it easier for a future Government to treat asylum seekers humanely, by making it harder for the Opposition to whip up “Stop the Boats” hysteria. In the short term, it makes the Liberals look shifty, as though they don’t have faith in their own policy. Imagine if Labor had tried the same thing!

The ACT is planning to legalise Gay Marriage. Abbott is looking at his options for preventing it. He’ll have to give reasons. And I suspect those reasons may be a problem for his new image as Tolerant Tony, who understands that not everyone needs to have his values.

And thanks to those voters in Indi, we only have one woman in Cabinet. It was their fault, according to some – as though TWO women is more than enough, and suggesting Tony has a problem with women is just silly. Didn’t you see his daughters? Besides ALL decisions were made on MERIT.

merit – The quality of being particularly good or worthy, esp. so as to deserve praise or reward.

So we end the week with Abbott as Minister For Women’s Affairs. Now, I know that I’m not the first person to find this ludicrous. (See Poll Results below*). But I just want to you to think about this calmly and rationally.

Tony Abbott was often accused of being a misogynist. His colleagues defended him, saying they didn’t find him to have particularly negative attitudes to women. “He loves them,” said one. And now we find – out of every person in the Coalition = Tony Abbott is the most worthy of representing Women’s Affairs. There is NO-ONE better! Because all decisions were made on merit. So, you can see why the Coalition MPs didn’t have a problem with Abbott’s behaviour. When it comes to women, their attitudes are worse.


*A number of people expressed the view that they wouldn’t vote because the Poll lacked the option of All of the Above. One person even suggesting that this poll was as stupid as asking which of the following events is most unique.

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Yes, it has been a ridiculous start to the LNP term of office.
    let’s keep the spotlight on them. Love the poll.
    For Fair Media Alliance,

  2. Fed up says:

    Well Piers Ackerman, back running Insiders has put us straight. The women do not have the ability. Simple, too busy raising families. Also he then listed a long list of women Labor leaders. Announced all to be failures, claiming that backed his arguments.

    Why don;t they go the whole hog, and give Piers Barry’s job.

    Of course there have never been any men leaders, of both parties, that have been failures.

  3. Fed up says:

    Must correct a false fact in the media. There are only five women , not six. Bronny Bishop, if she becomes speaker, is not in the ministry. That position is suppose to be independent of any party. She will not be a member of any front bench.

    • Geoffrey says:

      Independent of any party……HA… that’s ever going to happen with her!
      She’s the most one eyed, partisan hack that exists in government.
      A throwback from the bronze Age…….
      Remember her achievements……er……kero baths for old folk, and….er……well that’s about it.
      In my past I had a direct encounter with that witch and she was as feral, demanding and abrasive and self important back then in 1987 than she is now. Of course she was a Senator back then, unrepresentative swill…… Every bit as smug superior and self adoring. When I refused her a request, which was against company policy where I worked, she actually used that “do you know who I am” line on me. Cheap is as cheap does I say.

  4. Wen says:

    I too began to wonder about which party was worse, and then the Labor Immigration Policy raised it’s ugly head and quickly got worse during the election and I truly despaired.

    Thankfully the abomination of the last two weeks has once again bought me to my senses and I really examined my values and understanding. I think it is healthy to occasionally vacillate, tends to make you not anyone’s stooge but a thinking person who can judge policy and behaviour without fear or favour. If anyone told me that the Labor party got it all right I would be still laughing, but I do believe their intent was more honourable most of the time.

    All you have to do is watch Piers for more than a minute and it reminds you that is not who you are or ever want to be.

    As to the value of Abbott being the person in authority in relation to women’s affairs, well that’s more complicated. ‘He loves women’ ? You could spend a lifetime deconstructing that little statement, loving women and respecting their value can be at opposite ends of the scale. Not that Tony would ever understand that.

    • Fed up says:

      I believe mafia chiefs are renown for their love of wife and families. I was under the impressions, the wives where placed on pedestals.

      Suspect some were in reality, treated as trophy’s. In their mind, treating their womenfolk in such a manner, proved what worthwhile people they were.

      I was concerned about a conversation this morning on Insiders, driven by Ackerman. It was about the treasury and Ackerman, says, that it needs gutting.

      He also mentioned, that over the last decade or so, private industry has been siphoning off the best that come up through the treasury.

      He alleged that treasury has been lacking in ability, and suggested a name from private industry, that was previously been in the treasury be bought back.

      I sense from the discussion, that there has been white anting of the department, and that the IPA had their man, ready to take over.

      A compliant Treasury, scares the pants off me.

      Maybe there is someone with more knowledge that can do a better job of explaining what I am badly trying to convey.

      This is five of our new government. Yes, sadly, whether we like it or not, our government.

  5. Gilly says:

    Yep “Tony loves woman”, when they are ironing, having babies, letting a “real man be a man” or giggling away in the corner. Women or handmaidens? Are Julie Bishop, Sophie Mirabella and Bronwyn Bishop, under Tony’s definition, real women?

  6. Russ says:

    Fed Up, maybe they’ll put a two-star general in charge of Treasury so that it becomes a military operation, then they’ll never be able to reveal the budget position because that would threaten our security

  7. Fed up says:

    I am confuse about what the promoted three star general can do,that is not being done now. Does it amount to outsourcing the problem.

  8. Fed up says:

    He is now outside the Forces, but is being given the power to direct them. Not sure how that works.

  9. Nev B says:

    @gordonthomsonci on Twitter has now taken over the job of informing the nation about boat arrivals. How long till he is shut down?

  10. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

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